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"We found [your vendor show] to be very beneficial business-wise and also a fine time with your team and other suppliers. You and your team should be commended for a job well done!"

— Michael Beck, Phoseon Technology

stream creative presentation

"Being the leader of a small business, we constantly look for ways to inspire our staff and refine our company. Your outreach and give back to the industry has definitely helped us to continue this journey in a big way."

— Edward F. Cook, Jr., ECI

crowd at national sales meeting

"The future of Empire is very bright with [John Freismuth's] leadership at the top. Thank you for the solid improvements you have implemented; the moral is at an all-time high, in my humble opinion."

— Ian Munnoch, MSA Components, Inc.

northwest graphic supply

"Our participation was an unexpected, overwhelming success, and the initial response to our new and unique 5080 dpi digital screen imaging system was fantastic. The speakers and their presentations on Wednesday were extremely interesting and enjoyable. We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, the untiring effort of all your staff to provide immediate help whenever and wherever needed."

— Peter Weber, dlpic


"Your shop is very impressive and I have never seen its equal in the 42 years in this industry. Congratulations on your outstanding success."

— Tim Merrifield, Cubbison

wilson manufacturing company

"We were so grateful for the opportunity to be part of it and appreciative of Empire's support in so many ways. I was very impressed with the event, especially with the logistics and organization overall. Well done!"

— Amanda Vandehey, Children's Miracle Network

empire's green tier award

"I especially appreciate [John Freismuth's] openness to share in what [he] has set up and accomplished to date. [John] is a truly generous and giving person who looks at the big picture and really someone who we should all emulate to become better leaders in our organizations."

— Edward Cook, Jr., ECI

wisconsin bbq

"Empire has sure changed through the years and all for the better.  You can be proud to work for such a progressive company!"

— Jeannie Wettig, Bosch

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