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"The overwhelming consensus was that the boards and banners were AWESOME! The domed images we had on our doors were UNBELIEVABLE! We have a ton of orders for the boards and panels. Thanks for all the help. Let everyone that has been involved with this mad rush know that they deserve some MAJOR MAJOR kudos and points for making this all come alive in such a short period of time. You guys are awesome!"

Wade Snuggerud,
Badger Corrugating Co.


An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufactures products or parts that are sold to another company that, in turn, retails the product under its own brand name. Empire is proud to print parts for several OEM industries. We believe quality products start with quality components.

OEM samples
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Point of Purchase sample
Kwik Trip


Store displays are used to attract attention and entice a person to buy a product. These types of signs are called "point-of-purchase" (POP). Let Empire make your point-of-sale brilliant with free-standing floor displays, banners, endcap displays, hangtags, static clings, floor graphics, and more!

POP samples
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dimensional printing, doming, embossing sampleAluminum

Aluminum nameplates are a perfect fit for applications that need to be durable and long lasting. Our light weight, UV resistant aluminum can be ordered up to .06" thick with a maximum size of 24" x 36". We can print using a wide variety of colors and be cut to almost any shape or size. Contact one of our experienced sales reps today to get started on your next aluminum print order.

Aluminum printing samples
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stickers, decals, labels sampleDecals

Decals, stickers, labels, two-sided decals, inside window stickers, whatever you choose to call them, Empire produces them. Decals are not just products to sell; they are a way to build your identity. We have the ability to produce custom labels created to your exact specifications for a multitude of applications, such as warning labels, logo decals, address labels, and promotional seals.

Decals samples

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dimensional printing, doming, embossing sampleDimensional Printing

Enhance your product with dimensional printing. Your ordinary label is transformed into a tough, flexible, and scratch-resistant product with 3D "crystal-line" domes. Doming can be used in conjunction with embossing.

Looking for domes that can wrap around curved services? Check out our Helix Dome™.

Dimensional printing samples
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magnet exampleMagnetic

Attract attention to your cause with an assortment of magnetic materials. Create vibrant and cost-effective decals that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Stick them to your car, fridge, or any other magnetic surface. Magnets can be a smaller alternative to fleet graphics.

Magnetic samples

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membrane switch sampleMembrane Switches

Instead of mechanical switches and keypads, improve the functions of your equipment with flexible membrane switches and keypads. Empire can create custom membrane switches for a variety of applications: appliances, office equipment, exercise equipment, etc.

Membrane switch samples

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overlay exampleOverlays

We have numerous materials available to construct an overlay that is not only functional, meeting all of your manufacturing requirements, but also looks great! Enhance your overlays with pillow or rail embossing. Screen selective textures to make your keypad buttons stand out. Numerous deadfront colors are available for LED windows.

Overlay samples

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Lethal Threat

Political & Patriotic

Show pride in your country, state, or city; promote a candidate or cause with a variety of yard signs, banners, bumper stickers, door hangers, fan wavers, or magnets.

Patriotic samples

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roll label sampleRoll Labels

Empire can supply decals on rolls with different core sizes, suitable for machine or hand-applied applications. Custom die cuts, stock dies, and other specialty applications are available to enhance your product. Roll labels are available for indoor or outdoor use.

Roll label samples

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magnetTags and Hangtags

Create your own custom tag shape or use stock dies that bring prominence to your message, whether it is a shelf-talker, door-hanger, parking permit tag, or lock-out tag.

Tag samples
Stock tag dies

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warning label sampleWarning Labels

Empire can create decals that meet OSHA specifications and other safety guidelines. Durable materials, inks, adhesives, and laminations available are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Make sure your warnings stay put and are visible for the life of our product.

Warning label samples

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