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"This is the perfect example of the hard work and customer service Empire has given to Cybex. We appreciate all the help and working with us in solving problems and getting to the issues we have in a timely/very quick matter. I just want to make sure this is acknowledged and to say, 'Thank you.'"

Cheryl Hondl, 

screen printingScreen Printing

With over 50 years in the industry, Empire's strength and longevity is built on experience. Today, we utilize the latest technology and equipment to consistently yield impressive results.

Screen printing can offer a long lasting, outdoor durable product. It is often used for producing labels, warning and danger decals, POP signage, floor graphics, overlays, nameplates, OEM products, two-way window decals, hangtags, magnets and many others. We offer a wide variety of materials and specialty inks for producing signage, selective textures, screenable adhesives, transparent or colored windows, dead fronts, glitters, chrome and backlit products.

green arrow History and common practices with screen printing

Historically, screen printing is one of the oldest and simplest forms of printing. A screen is created with fabric stretched over a metal frame. The material is placed under the screen. With a squeegee, the ink is passed across the top of the screen and the ink is forced through the open areas onto the material below.

Printers use CMYK--cyan (light blue), magenta (pink), yellow, and black--ink when printing four-color work. Mixing these four colors together creates an entire spectrum of colors including those used in color photographs.

Screen Printing PDF download

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Empire now offers the convenience of roll-to-roll labels with the outdoor durability of screen printing. Our Kammann K-61 Eco-Press is the 1st of its kind to offer an environmentally friendly printing solution using UV LED ink curing technology.

The K-61 Eco-Press comes equipped with five-cylinder print stations combined with flat screen technology, which offers enhanced flexibility, precision, and quality. More colors than five? No Problem. The Eco-Press holds a color registration tolerance of .004", unheard of in the screen printing industry. In addition, less operating heat prevents material distortion, making rewinding and re-registering colors a breeze.

green arrow Advantages to in-line screen printing

Our complete in-line printing process offers many advantages over traditional sheet-fed printing. Benefits include the completion of parts from start to finish in a one-piece flow, reduced material waste, and fewer handling errors. This results in shorter production time.

Material savings is another advantage to roll labels. Roll stock is less sensitive than sheet material to dust and contamination, resulting in fewer rejects. Roll stock has a thinner liner than sheet stock, causing less material waste that is thrown in the garbage or landfills, as well as less expensive than materials with a thicker liner. These advantages are great for the environment and even better for your pocket book.

Kammann PDF download

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flexoFlexo Printing

Flexo is complete in-line manufacturing: front and/or back printing, laminating, custom die cutting, perforating, slitting, and sheeting performed in one continuous operation. Final product is available in rolls, sheets, pin fed, fan fold, or individual pieces. Product is printed, cut, and packaged on the production line, then delivered from our factory floor to your door.

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digitalDigital Printing

Customers demand quality and crave faster turnaround times now more than ever. How do you meet consumer needs? The next generation of printers are going digital and Empire is no exception. Our Mimaki, Indigo, and Gerber presses can fulfill your printing needs.
Digital Printing PDF download

green arrow Mimaki JV33-160 & JV300

Print Resolution: 720 x 720 DPI

Media Types: Banner material, ri-cling, control tac, pressure sensitive materials, floor and wall graphic materials.

Media Dimensions: Max size of 5' x 100'

Inks: Standard four-color printing (CMYK), solvent based inks that are UV resistant for three years (depending on location).

green arrow Mimaki JFX500-2131

Print Resolution: High quality at 600x900 DPI. Capable of 1200x1200 DPI with 4 pico-liter dot size.

Media Types: Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, foam board, styrene, aluminum, rigid plastics, glass, paper, and safety tread materials. Prints on virtually any rigid material up to 2" thick.

*For better adhesion to some plastic films, a primer may be needed.

Media Dimensions: Max size of 82" x 122"

Inks: 4-color printing (CMYK), white, LED ink curing technology. Clearcoat available as separate application to increase outdoor life and to add or reduce gloss.

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green arrow HP Indigo 5600

Print Resolution: 800 x 800 DPI or 800 x 2400 DPI

Media Types: Poly vinyl chloride (PVC); vinyls (clear); gold, silver, and brushed polyesters; polycarbonates; paper.

Media Dimensions: Max size of 12.48" x 17.70"

Inks: HP IndiChrome 6-color printing (CMYK, orange, and violet), white inks.

Special Features: High quality digital output plus innovative features such as sequential numbering, variable data printing, and high speed output. Two-sided, inside windows, and plastic cards. Combine your Indigo print with our outdoor durable "crystal-line" doming!

green arrow Gerber Edge 2

Print Resolution: 300 DPI

Media Types: Range of substrates including vinyl, static cling, and polyester.

Media Dimensions: Max size of 11.5" x 35"

Inks: Diverse selection of Gerber color foils, CMYK and process color simulations of solid pantone colors, more than 50 Gerber spot colors.

Plotter: Gerber Envision


crystal-line domingCrystal-line Doming

Doming creates a clear, protective lens for the piece and enhances your decal's appearance. Empire offers a variety of unique doming techniques such as selective, colored, phosphorescent, thermo-chromatic, and scented doming. Our dedicated engineers can assist you in choosing the correct method for your desired application. Doming can be used in conjunction with embossing.

Crystal-line doming PDF download

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helix domeHelix Dome™

Love the look of crystal-line doming, yet need it on a curved surface? We offer that too. Made to order, Helix Dome™ wraps around your desired surface and still maintain its shape.

Helix Dome™ samples
Helix Dome™ PDF download

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Embossing refers to an impression on a surface such as paper, to make a relief. It creates form and function on keypad overlays and generates additional emphasis on a printed piece. Elevate the standard and quality of your product with embossing. Embossing can be used in conjunction with doming.

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die makingDie Making

Our die-making department can provide various die-cutting designs, from the simple to the most intricate, with accuracy, efficiency, and speed. By using the latest technologies in the industry, we have the ability to produce and deliver superior quality, lower customer costs, and provide faster turnaround times.

For more information on our die-making abilities or to receive a cost estimate, contact us.

Die making PDF download

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customer serviceCustomer Service

Whether you have a detailed blueprint or just some vague idea, our experienced staff can help you with your next project. From beginning to end, they will help you navigate around potential pitfalls of production and implement a plan for success that is on-time and on-budget.

green arrow What to consider when ordering a product

There are a number of considerations when deciding what will work best for your desired product:

1) Quantity

Is your project a limited run, for a very select target market? Is it based on a "limited time only" campaign? Or is this for national or international distribution?

2) Quality

How long does the product need to last in the marketplace? Will it be subjected to UV rays and extreme weather? Does it need to be "Marine-Grade," or is it simply for indoor use?

3) Impact

Is your business product simply for legal compliance with current regulations, such as a warning label? Or is this product symbolic of your company, and your company's quality?

4) Cost

Factors that need to be considered in the light of cost are measurable factors, such as product longevity, color, and the overall purpose of the product. Factors that are not so easily measured typically have to do with "brand" and branding goals. The perceptions of the target market concerning your product and your company are irrevocably important.

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guy jumpingEmpire EDGE

The Empire EDGE is a cost savings program developed to Examine, Define, Guide, and Execute business solutions for your company's printing needs. It is designed to simplify the ordering process, eliminate waste, streamline production, and lower cost. Contact your Empire sales representative to find out if you qualify for this cost savings program.

Empire EDGE PDF download

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The right material for your product will provide an outstanding return on your investment, enhance your business brand, and draw attention to you and your company. Keeping your material costs stable lies in Empire's ability to purchase large master rolls and convert materials internally, avoiding extra handling and surcharges from outside suppliers. These savings are passed on to you, our customer.

Material PDF download

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finishingFinishing & Kitting

Empire prides itself as being a full service printing company. We have established a solid reputation as a leader in meeting your finishing needs. If you need it done, Empire will find a way to make it happen. Experience, dedication, and innovation allows us to provide a quality product and superior service.

green arrow What are our capabilities?

Our diverse capabilities include:

  • Custom built dies
  • Digital cutting
  • Spiral binding
  • Drop ship
  • Stock dies
  • Routing
  • Bar coding
  • Hard tooling
  • Laminating
  • Packaging
  • Laser cutting
  • Grommets
  • Kit assembly
  • Thermo cutting
  • Stitching
  • Variable data

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color managementColor Management

In response to our customer demands for quality 4-color output, Empire has implemented a G7® compliant color management program throughout our entire production process. G7® color calibration allows for reliable color and consistent visual color match from proof to press, whether the product is screen, flexo, or digitally output.

To find out more about G7®, check out Idealliance. See the awards page for our gold-winning color management kit.

portfolio thumbnail
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Color management PDF download

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Our experienced graphic artists provide professional graphic support tailored to meet customers specific needs and requirements.
Film-free output utilizes the latest digital output technology, plus we have the latest graphic and color management software at our disposal. Here are Empire's art specifications for printing.

green arrow Questions about sending art?

If you have specific questions regarding your art or for sending files, please use the following email addresses:


Please include your company name and sales representative/account manager in your email when sending inquires.

To request a FREE quote, please use our quote page.

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outdoor testingR&D

Empire's R&D and ink departments actively support customer service, art production, and project management in providing prepress support. All departments contributing to prepress have access to modern diagnostic equipment, proofing systems, and color matching software. If you are unsure of how to proceed on a project and require assistance, contact customer service.

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